What is Continuous training?

Since 2004 it is in effect a new model of continuous training. With such model: Formación en aula

  • All businesses have available an annual credit to invest in training for their workers..
  • The amount of such credit will depend on the number of workers and the amount that the business has contributed for continuous training.
  • The business has from the 1st of January until the 31st of December each year to take advantage of this credit. The credit that has not been consumed for the business within those days could not be recovered.
  • The credit for continuous training is renewed each year.
  • The businesses get back their credit for continuous training throughout tax credits paid in the different monthly installments of the Treasury of Social Security.

In Meca Centre we design and develop for the businesses different formative actions totally adapted to the needs and individual characteristics of each organization, contributing to the improvement of the business' competitiveness and the development of its workers. We calculate the credit available for each company and we facilitate all the paperwork and processes so that the company can reimburse the correspondent costs for the training developed.



The courses given can be on-line, a distance course or taught in-person:


With Meca Centre, and with the support of the Fundación Tripartita, we can process:

  • All the documents and paper work to have the credit.
  • Personal advising for the formation that better suits your workers.
  • Development of the formative action and permanent tutorials at 'cost zero'.


For more information or a personal appointment in your most near academy, call to 972300482 or 972610287

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